Architectural Request Form

    Email, Fax, or Mail to: South Hampton Homeowners Association
    C/o MEINC Homeowners Association Management
    7700 Old Branch Avenue; Suite E203
    Clinton, MD 20735
    Phone 301-877-61-85* Fax 301-877-8001
    Email contact@meinccompanies.com

  • Briefly describe the proposed change. Include type of materials, size, color, etc. Attach additional sheets as needed. If possible, please attach plat, blueprints or working drawing indicating all necessary dimensions and elevations to scale. Photographs of similar projects may also be attached.
  • I/We hereby acknowledge:

    1. I/We have received, read, and understand the Bylaws of South Hampton and Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions for South Hampton Homeowners Association and agree to abide by such bylaws, covenants, conditions, and restrictions.

    2. I/We understand that approval by the Covenants Committee is for compliance with aesthetics and limitations described in the governing documents.

    3. All physical improvements shall be made at the risk of the Owner, and the Association shall not be responsible for any loss or damage to any physical improvements in the altered area

    4. The owner is responsible for (a) keeping all construction on-site and off-site clean, safe, and free of debris, and (b) maintaining erosion control barriers for the entire construction period. Owner shall not use any other Lot, easement, parking area, or common area within the subdivision for storage of materials. All building supplies shall be removed from public view within seven (7) days following the completion of work.

    5. The owner is responsible for the removal, in a prompt manner, of any debris resulting from construction.

    6. I/We understand that members of the Covenants Committee or Board of Directors for the Homeowners Association are permitted to enter upon my property at any reasonable time for inspecting the proposed project, the project in progress, and the completed project, and that such entry does not constitute a trespass.

    7. Approval of this request may be withdrawn if the improvement; (a) is not constructed exactly as it has been approved or (b) is not located in the location approved.

    8. Construction must begin within 6 (six) months from the date of approval. If construction has not commenced within that period, a new application must be submitted.

    9. Approval of a requested improvement by the Homeowners Association shall not constitute assurance that the requested improvement meets the requirements of any governmental rules, regulations or building codes. The Owner must obtain such approvals directly from the appropriate governmental body.

    10. Compliance with state, local or Federal codes, permitting and zoning shall be the sole responsibility of the homeowner/applicant and shall not be the responsibility of the Homeowners Association or its agents/employees.

    11. The owner shall be responsible for obtaining any necessary permits prior to the commencement of construction. Further, the owner shall file copies of such permits with the Homeowners Association’s management company before any construction begins. Failure to do shall may result in fines and/or sanctions, including, but not limited to, the withdrawal of Architectural request approval.

    12. Approval is contingent upon all work being completed in a professional manner. Any alteration or modification that is not finished in such a manner and in accordance with the approval granted herein may be required to be removed or repaired at the homeowner’s risk and expanse, including any legal fees required to enforce this acknowledgement.

    13. I/We Agree that neither the Covenants Committee, Homeowners Association, nor any of the respective members, officers, directors or managing agent shall be liable for claims, including without limitation, claims for property damage or personal injury resulting from requested architectural request or modification. I/We agree to indemnify the Committee, Association, Board of Directors, and the management company from any and all such claims. The owner is responsible for all maintenance, repair, and upkeep arising from any such architectural request or modification.
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