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Planning A Fence, Home or other Improvement to your lot or residence? Get Approval first!

The South Hampton Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions require homeowners, including lot owners, wishing to construct an external home or lot improvement (including any fence or structure) to submit plans and details to the South Hampton Homeowners Association Architectural Committee for a compliance review to our governing standards. All Homeowners should first review and become familiar […]

Architectural Committee approval required before any upgrades to your property

Homeowners are reminded that architectural upgrades are require the prior approval of the Architectural Committee as outlined in Architectural Guidelines [link] of the Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CCR’s) of South Hampton By-Laws. The purpose is to maintain our community’s appearance and residential appeal. Many homeowners make architectural design changes without consideration to our neighborhood or […]

Refuge containers MUST be stored out of view

Homeowners are reminded that refuge, garbage, and trash must be kept at all times in covered containers and such containers must be kept within enclosed structures or appropriately screened from view. Containers may be placed at curbside on collection days but should be returned to an appropriate screened area the same day. This is a […]

Keep A Watch Out for Crime!

Good neighbors keep a lookout for one another and report any suspicious activity or persons in the neighborhood. If you notice suspicious persons or vehicles, please call the Charles County Police Department immediately at the non-emergency phone line at 301-932-2222. Help protect South Hampton and your neighbors from unwanted criminal activity or casing of homes. […]

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