South Hampton Homeowners Association

Announcing New Board Members

The South Hampton Community is pleased to announce the HOA Board: Michelle Talkington, Hilton Thom, Kory Matthews, Tasha Stewart, and Sheryl Hollins. The Board provides leadership for carrying out the mission to promote leadership across the community. Sheryl Hollins will serve as Board Member at Large, to ensure that the new board never loses sight of the goals of the board and the commitment to the community.

Michelle Talkington

Moved into the South Hampton neighborhood when she and her husband Rob purchased their home in 2007. She and her husband have six children and are looking forward to improving the neighborhood for her family and all those in the community. Michelle and Rob own and operate M.A.K Construction Services and are excited to share their knowledge as we move forward to enhance South Hampton. Michelle is also a local Director and owner of A Ton of Fun Theater and Productions which operates out of the Black Box Theater in Indian Head Maryland. Michelle is excited to go to work on behalf of her neighbors.  Michelle serves as President.

Hilton Thom

Serves as Vice President.


Newly elected treasurer for SHHOA has been a resident of the South Hampton community since the summer of 2013.  She’s worked in varying accounting & budget execution positions for DoD since roughly 2008. She started her financial career as a teller with Chevy Chase bank (yes, a long time ago lol) but having that job instilled core values of Excellence, Teamwork, Integrity & Accountability…exactly what she intends to bring to South Hampton. Her personal goal is to heal & rebuild the community of South Hampton.  She serves as Treasurer.


Will be the foundational member of the board that will bring stability to the community.  Sheryl and her husband have long made great strides to bring services to the South Community by pushing to address changes to the entrance, ensuring that the facilities on and around the community are kept in pristine condition.  In the effort, she will continue to do what is needed to ensure that all homeowners realize consistent service levels, such as street lights and garbage collection.  Serves as member at large.


Has been a member of the South Hampton Community since 2004. He has tirelessly fought for the South Hampton Community to make a change for the better. His tenacity and commitment to the South Hampton Community is shown in all he has done over this last year to get the community back on track. He serves as Secretary.